Laurie PaslerPresident + Founder

Curious about everything, Laurie’s motto in personal and professional endeavors comes from Steve Jobs: “Creativity is just connecting things.” Throughout her 20+ year career as an award winning creative strategist and producer, Laurie has worked in partnership with clients, bringing fresh eyes and ears to their communications challenges and simplifying complexity with high-impact, visually rich messages that are easy to understand.

Laurie’s non-profit leadership experience includes over five years with BMA Chicago, where she re-imagined merchandising for silent auctions, led advertising sales, and Chaired the Annual Fundraiser. She has also served as a Director for Nomi Dance Company Chicago, spearheading and designing its visual rebrand. emanated from a personal story: Laurie’s dad worked in Nuremberg and never shared what he did before passing. A year of research turned up a remarkable behind the scenes story she looks forward to sharing with the world.

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