Christina WildeVP, Creative Producer

    An independent thinker who loves a challenge, Christina is fearless in the face of large and complex projects. As a small business owner or communications agency executive, she is equally adept leading Fortune 500 C-suite clients as she is managing creative, operations, and strategy teams.

    Her varied portfolio as an executive producer and creative consultant includes automobile launches, national/international fundraisers, press events, healthcare and technology national sales meetings, retail/food and beverage product introductions, and myriad street festivals and celebrations.

    Whether using innovative technology or old school artistic components, Christina weaves the art of creative storytelling into all her work.

    In the non-profit sector, her project management and budget mastery skills have benefited the Lymphoma-Leukemia Foundation, Deborah’s Place for Women and Variety Children’s Charity where she directed programs with Carlos Santana and Harry Connick Jr.

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