How the Courtroom 600 story found me

How the Courtroom 600 story found me

Hi! We’ve launched the Courtroom 600 project website and relocated this blog post. Sorry for the additional click, but I hope you’ll check it out along with our plans for teaching the lessons of Nuremberg to global audiences.

Courtroom 600 will be:

• An online experience where the stories and lessons from Nuremberg are woven into an interactive tapestry of people, places, and events.

• A new kind of learning tool that leverages emerging technology, is visually rich and engaging for the next generation of digital-native students, researchers, and casual history buffs.

• An easy to navigate portal that links to curated lists of films, books, websites and various materials for further and much more in-depth research on many aspects of the trial.

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Our mission is to teach and inspire through experiential storytelling. By sharing and learning from the past, we’ll connect communities, foster empathy, and help create a culture of peace, understanding and tolerance.

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