We’re a non-profit organization dedicated to
inspiring and educating future generations
through experiential storytelling.

By sharing and learning from the past, we’ll
connect communities, foster empathy,
and help create a culture of peace,
understanding and tolerance.

We'll push technology in service of the narrative,
constructing stories in immersive digital
environments never before possible.

Transformative Storytelling,
For Social Change

Our first digital project is a
behind the scenes look at the Nuremberg Trials,
where Nazi war criminals were brought
to justice between 1945–49.

In a 3D virtual experience,
see how the international community lived
and worked in a city that was
90% bombed to ruins.
Learn how journalists reported events
when radio and newspapers were the
only ways to share the story.
Witness the prosecution’s use of film, pictures
and thousands of documents that

buried the Nazis with their own evidence


Courtroom600.org will also link WW2 people and events to contemporary pop culture through an interactive "did you know" format.

What's the connection between...

From a visually rich portal, link to curated lists of related films, websites, books and articles about the Holocaust, WW2, stolen Nazi gold, plundered art and wine, the birth of international law – and much more.

Connect with a global, intergenerational community
and share your perspective on what the lessons of Nuremberg mean to you.

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Talent, passion, and a whole lot of curiosity.

Our leadership includes multidisciplinary storytellers, designers, producers, educators, and experience architects who came together with a common cause: to fulfill our mission through emerging technology.

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Why Nuremberg must be taught, now.

Why Nuremberg must be taught, now.

Dave Fript History Teacher Emeritus, Latin School of Chicago Teacher Fellow, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Educational Advisor, Descendants Media Group/Courtroom 600 Project The group of high school boys who gave what appears to be the Nazi salute might have intended it as a joke, but maybe not. The young men marching with tiki torches… Read More

How the Courtroom 600 story found me

How the Courtroom 600 story found me

Hi! We’ve launched the Courtroom 600 project website and relocated this blog post. Sorry for the additional click, but I hope you’ll check it out along with our plans for teaching the lessons of Nuremberg to global audiences. Courtroom 600 will be: • An online experience where the stories and lessons from Nuremberg are woven… Read More

Notes from an Intern, 2018-19

Notes from an Intern, 2018-19

When people ask me what activities I engage in, I usually receive a puzzled look when I answer with “grant writing.” From rescuing endangered species to purchasing life-saving seizure-detecting devices for patients with epilepsy, grant writing has cultivated itself into something much larger than I ever expected. Looking back, one might say I was quite… Read More

Nuremberg Perspectives from a Millennial Academic

Nuremberg Perspectives from a Millennial Academic

As a Bachelor of History and Master of Jewish Studies, I researched WWII and the Shoah from various angles and through diverse lenses. I have read numerous eyewitness accounts of the Holocaust and participated in a Shoah Study Tour. My conclusion: WWII is modernity’s Bubonic plague; it too claimed lives, decimated entire cities, and showcased… Read More

Notes from an Intern, 2017-18

Notes from an Intern, 2017-18

When I think of the Nuremberg Trials, I imagine a newly renovated courtroom in the destruction of post-WW2 Germany. I imagine the surprised faces of the German people living in poverty as they discover that their once prized leaders are now criminals. I imagine people from Germany, Great Britain, France, the Soviet Union, and the… Read More

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